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Clinton Township, MI 48038


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MON-FRI from 4pm-6pm

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Acoustic Tuesdays

Bike Night

Live Music Thursdays

Friday and Saturdays

Special Events 








1st Stand and Deliver

2nd VooDoo Karma

3rd If Walls Could Talk

6th Lisa Mary

8th Ronny Masters (Ronnyoke)

9th Dave Hamilton Band

10th Doing Time

13th Ronnie James Duo

15th American Band

16th Funhouse

17th O.C.D.

20th R.J. Harper

22nd Ronny Masters (Ronnyoke) 

23rd Planet of Fun

24th Planet of Fun

27th Bill Long

29th Planet of Fun (Jam with the Band) 

30th Alibi 5

31st Sexy Monster





3rd Acoustic Playground

5th Ronny Masters (Ronnyoke) 

6th VooDoo Karma

7th Star Child

10th Doug on Acoustic

12th R.J. Harper Band

13th Live Music

14th Rockstar

17th Killer Vibe

19th Ronny Masters (Ronnyoke) 

20th Planet of Fun

21st Planet of Fun

24th Weekend Comeback

26th Planet of Fun

27th Room 13

28th Detroit Jedi





1st Corey & Jason

3rd Weekend Comeback

4th Parallel Fifth

5th Parallel Fifth

8th R.J. Harper

10th Live Music

11th O.C.D.

12th O.C.D.

15th Karley Davidson

17th Sexy Monster (First BIKE NIGHT)

18th Planet of Fun

19th Planet of Fun

22nd Live Music

24th Planet of Fun

25th No Vacancy

26th Doing Time

26th 12pm-7pm School of Rock Finals

27th 12pm-7pm School of Rock Finals

29th Doug on Acoustic

31st American Band





1st Dormont Police

2nd The Groove Council

5th Killer Vibe

7th Wait Until Dark

8th Alibi 5

9th VooDoo Karma

12th Live Music

14th Live Music

15th Planet of Fun

16th Planet of Fun

19th Doug on Acoustic

21st Planet of Fun

22nd Dangerous Situation

23rd Full Circle

26th Live Music

28th Live Music

29th O.C.D.

30th Live Music

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